Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My MBA Application Journey -- Part 1

It was early 2012 and I just got a notification from Eindhoven that I was admitted to one of their masters programs but WITHOUT scholarship. I was happy at first, but then the stress of securing any funding haunted me. How am I gonna pay for my tuition and stuffs? It's not like my parents are rich or something or I make lots of money to fund my grad school abroad.

So I left their offer, the second chance to study abroad, right there. I had to refuse their offer. It was all about the money, sadly. (Yes, it was my second chance. The first one was from TU Delft. I turned down their offer for personal reasons back then. I wrote a post about it in this blog.)


But I still wanted to go to grad school!


After that emotionally *devastating* reality, I began to think. Think. How am I going to pursue a grad school without any money? What actually are my motivations to go to grad school? What is my passion?

Then, learning from experience, I know exactly that money shouldn't be a problem for not continuing my education. My passion for going to grad school is way bigger than all these money matters, I thought.

There's gotta be some way.


It took me sometime to realize that I actuay want to do an MBA. An MBA is not just a graduate program, an MBA is more like a way to transform yourself, professionally and personally.

An MBA will definitely upgrade my business skills and knowledge, which I began to develop after working for some time in my current job. An MBA will definitely help me reach my career goals.

And I want to do it abroad, for obvious reasons.

I got the chance to met some US MBA alumns sometime later. Successful people. And they're Indonesians! Really inspiring. I made some connections with them - read: exchange our business cards, be friends on facebook & LinkedIn.

And that just made me more determined to get an MBA. I want to be like them. I want to lead organizations. I want to run things. I want to inspire people.


Right, so an MBA. How?


It amazes me where a laptop + a good internet connection can lead me to.

So yeah, basically Google is my friend.

Once you know what you're after, you'll be surprised by the amount of information you can get. And that's just a very small step of your entire MBA application journey.

(to be continued)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mobile Blogging

Baru download blogger app for iOS7. Mudah2an ini bikin gue rajin nulis lagi.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Another time, another life

Hampir 2 tahun meninggalkan blog ini.

Apakah tulisan malam ini suatu pertanda?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is blogging dying?

It’s been like forever since I last updated this blog.

I just don't feel the passion in blogging like I used to. This isn't 2007 anymore. It's 2011 and I think the media is changing. And sitting in front of your computer writing long babbles isn't my thing anymore.

Now that people are over flooded with information, nobody cares about a blog, well, maybe there are few friends out there still actively blog walking to your blog , but that's all. Sad.

I feel blogging is, uh, dying.. Now that we have facebook and twitter (Okay, i take back my words on Twitter. Twitter is awesome! :D), how could a blog keep up with those effective media streaming real time information?

Still, this is the best place for writing and practicing your writing skills, sharing a secret crush, copying a song lyric you got from metrolyrics, etc. You know, doing things you don't want your facebook friends know, but you still want to publish it online :p (read: teens thing)

Umm yeah, so I'm not expecting myself to routinely post things here anymore.. But I might occasionally.. :p

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Resolution

Happy belated new year!

I'm gonna make new year's resolution this year. Yeah, although the new year celebration has passed like 10 days ago, it's still in the beginning of January, there's still a plenty of new year's spirit. Besides, a resolution or two may make my life not so aimless and pathetic as usual.

Ok, so here's the list:
1. search for God more like liz gilbert did. Be open to all teachings. Take what's good, throw away what's bad.
2. help a less fortunate family.
3. be a very bright person, so that I inspire people.
4. help another less fortunate family.
5. no more selfishness.
6. enjoy life.
7. donate a set of computer to my cousins - God, they need them.
8. be a good employee, in whatever company I'll work in.

That's all of my resolutions this year, though it sounds more like a list of prayers. But I think it's simple yet enough for something that took only 10 minutes to write. Hehe.

Let's live 2011 and beyond to the fullest!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Giving up?

You know that frustrating moment when you just want to lose everything, being careless, turning into a total looser? Yeah, I'm having one. :( We can always give up on this life at any moment.

But although we'll always have that easy option to give up, we shouldn't. We just can't.

If you sit back, and think about your life, there has to be those reasons why you should always staying strong. Mine? My loved ones, my family, my sisters, myself, my dream of rocking a Ferrari under California's sunset - O.K, the last one is a different kind of turn on - rather worldly matters :p - but you get the idea. Chase your dream.

Oh, here are some quotes about life I got from Twitter. I love quotes, especially during rough times.

"If you want to be happy, be."

"It's your decisions, not your conditions which shape your life."

And - I've always say this to myself when I'm down,

"Get a life"

--hey, I finally found one use of Twitter!--

Cheer up everyone! And you know what can make you feel better? Write something! Share it! Tweet, blog, update your status, make a note, publish it! I feel better now that I just wrote something down. It feels like you've just shouted so loud your stress just gone. Let it go!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Whenever - The Black Eyed Peas [lyrics]

Look through the tree
Past the sky
Beyond the northern light
You will see my delight
'Flecting in your eyes

And I won't let go if you wait for me
Whenever whatever
And then you select the destination
Whatever wherever
I wanna go
Whatever wherever
I wanna go

I-wa i-wa i wanna
Love forever love forever baby
Forever wherever you wanna go with me
To do whatever do whatever baby
Forever wherever forever together

I fell asleep
Don't know why
You let me come alive
You and me, we collide
Ignite the starry fire

And you warm me up and you wait for it
Whenever whatever
And then you, you wake me up and you wait for it
Whenever wherever
I wanna go
Whatever wherever
I wanna go

I-wa i-wa i wanna
Love forever love forever baby
Forever wherever you wanna go with me
To do whatever do whatever baby
Forever wherever forever together

Whatever whatever
Whatever whatever
Whatever whatever
Whatever whatever

I love you forever and ever
For always i love you
Whenever you need me
I'll be right there by you
Whenever you call me
I'm there when you call
Whenever your falling
I'm there when you fall

Wherever you going
I'll be right there showing
Our love's always growing
And growing and growing
I know that you know it
There's no need for guessing
When i am requested
I'm there with no questions asked

I'll go wherever whenever
If ever you need me
I'll be there forever


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Waiting is Painful

Especially when you don't know what to do.
You just sit there and hope for a miracle to happen.
You don't know how all of this gonna end.

I'm nervous.
I feel empty.
I'm sick with all of this.
I'm bored.

I'm angry.
I'm hoping.
I'm tired of hoping.

I want this.
I want that.
I don't know what I'm wishing for.
I'm asking.
I don't know whether it will be answered.

-postingan labil malam ini-

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

“Titian Karir Terpadu ITB 2010”

Let’s start some babbles…

Bridging the Academic and Industrial World Through ITB Career Expo 2010

by Peter Tobing

The ITB Career Expo 2010 held in Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung from October 15th to 17th is one of the biggest job exhibition in Indonesia. The hype of the exhibition brings thousands of fresh university graduates and jobseekers from all over the country to gather in this annual event.

Nur (21), a fresh graduate in electrical engineering from ITB says that she is very excited with the expo as she finally could try her luck in pursuing her dream job in a multinational company. As with Nur, many other participants are very grateful for PCAD ITB for successfully collaborating with the companies and for hosting the event. “I am thankful for this career expo. This means a lot for me and my friends here. We’re just graduated from college and this kind of event acts as a bridge between the academic and the industrial world. It really helps me looking for a job easily. I hope I can start my career path soon within one of the companies in here”, says Irvan (22), one of the participant that feels glad he can attend and get involved in the Career Expo vibe.

This year’s Career Expo showcases more than 50 top companies profile in Indonesia. Most of them are engineering based company, ranging from oil & gas, mining, plantation, telecommunications, IT , banking, manufacturing industries, media, and consulting industries. Each company showcases their company profile and announces available job vacancies in their booth, with a cv drop box for easy job application. Jobseeker may directly submit their résumé to the box or via online application.

Company X, one of the top oil & gas company has been the top favorited company for years. As with preceding years, the queuing line in X’s stand has never been short. Jobseekers & university graduates seem to show high interest in working in the company. “The salary here is the highest paid from all other companies they say. And with so many jobseekers coming nationwide, competitions are going to be tough”, tells Herman (24), while standing in line for application.

Naya, Bunz, Manto, pinjem nama lo2 pada ya buat di artikel geje ini.. hehe.. To the rest of Geng Kampung-ers yg blom dapet kerjaan (hefri, agi, gue, naya, manto, bunz), mudah2an cepet dapet, & semoga kita bisa jadi berkah dimanapun kita nanti bekerja.. Amin.

Finding a Job

I’ve made a final decision that instead of continuing my study to a master degree, I am going to find a job first. Period. Sure it’s nice to have an even higher degree, a Master degree overseas, what kind of typical Indonesian student doesn’t want it? But I’ve come into a comfort settlement to not rushing into the – what I can think about it at the moment – unclear state of being prestigious by extending your last name with embel2 MT or MBA.

*righttt… I just haven’t found yet the true meaning of obtaining a master degree other than getting a slightly higher job position with a slightly higher paycheck. And, to be honest, I am somewhat quite tired of another years of study. 16 years of study, study, and study. I want to do something else! At least, that’s all I can think about it right now. What is the true meaning of a master degree anyway? I hope I’ll find it out someday*

This October, right before my graduation, there is this ITB Job Fair, held for 3 days. I of course don’t want to waste my chances of getting a job. So I printed like 10 résumés and was spamming like every company’s booth back there. LOL. I Look like a desperate jobseeker. A bad one.

Among all of the companies I applied to – most of them are technology based  companies – I nyelenehly applied to an unpredictable position at a company which seems totally unrelated with my background degree: A reporter for a local English newspaper. Why nyeleneh? Because most people would think why would an engineer, from a so-called top university, with a not too bad GPA, and some good technical experience get into journalistic world? What about those crazy 4 hard-working years?

Ah.. Screw you people. I can do anything I want. Who knows what future holds? Besides, those job applications are still on process, I don’t know which will be the one.